coincollection.jpgMy Uncle Al (1897-1993), served as a sergeant in both World War One and World War Two. I spent part of today organizing and repacking about 80 lbs. of coins – his longtime hobby was collecting “Wartime Nickels and Metal Pennies” from the years 1941-1945. He gave them to us when we were kids, and over the years we’ve added old-style Silver Dollars, Silver Halves, Silver Quarters, and a selection of Buffalo Nickels, Indian Head coins, Mercury Dimes, Quarters, and Halves, and even a Twenty Dollar Gold coin dated 1905. I’ve been holding them for years, and with a recent move of much of our belongings to a different location, I had an opportunity to “sidetrack” the collection to visit with it once again. In the evening, added synergy took place as we went to MOMA to see a series of Wartime Short Films produced by the Department of the Navy and by the Marine Corps Film Department. The subjects were Pearl Harbor and the war in the Pacific (Lili’s father fought in the battle of Midway and others) so double synchronicity was in vogue for us today.