Before the Internet came into being, the AOL screen name “MarcSilverman” wasn’t available. After considering several concatenations, I went with “SilverMarc” as my AOL identity. When the Internet became popular, I “redeployed” it  as my official Domain Name, and now I also use it for Geocaching and as my identity on most web sites. I have produced several series of Geocoins showcasing this identity, one is shown here containing my home location coordinates.

Libellula Semifasciata
The Painted Skimmer
The “Painted Skimmer” dragonfly is among the first of the Libellulid dragonflies to appear each year. (Common Name: Dragonfly; Order: Libellula Semifasciata; Family: Libellulidae)
Look for it at a pond near you.

Rock Cairn
This is a “Cairn”
What’s With the Pile of Rocks?
A Cairn is a man-made pile of stones, often in a conical form. They are placed at regular intervals to indicate a path across wide or barren terrain, or even across glaciers.I use the images of Cairns to represent that web sites are interlinked, to bring to mind the strong navigation architecture that can be trusted, and to remind visitors that the appeal to the eye in an artistic way is part of what I build into the sites I produce.