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Pictures on the Wing

These days, digital photos are ubiquitous. And not only that, they’re EVERYWHERE. In your cell phone, in your digital camera, in your computer, even in your iPods or other PDAs. They’re everywhere for you to enjoy, but sharing them with others is a different story.

“Free your pictures.” That’s the mantra at Picwing.

Picwing is a brand new enterprise with a singular idea – make it easy for anyone to post and share digital photos.

Picwing lets users create free online photo albums, and boasts an interface that’s easy to understand for even the most novice computer user, but doesn’t lack usefulness for experienced users.

There are two ways to get your photos into your Picwing Album – by uploading them from your computer, or by emailing them directly from your cell phone or PDA. You can even control access for others to post photos to your albums via email – a great feature, you still control the album, but it’s opened up to your designees only for uploading photos.

Picwing handles the delivery side of the process in several ways: Albums can be viewed online from a computer; or use Picwing’s “Chumby Widget” to run an album on the Chumby; you can create an Online Slideshow for use on a web site; and Picwing has a wireless Photo Frame that receives and updates a photo album automatically via a wifi connection.

So much of life happens outside of the computer, but many of the photos we take end up stuck in a computer, or in iPhoto or in some other digital realm, and never actually get to a recipient. Now you can email your pictures to your photo album so Picwing can provide it to your friends, family, and colleagues wherever they are.

Visit the Picwing web site at: http://picwing.com

View one of my Picwing Photo Albums on a “Virtual Chumby”: http://silvermarc.chumbian.com/picwing

Take a look at a web-based Picwing slideshow – when new photos are emailed by my friends, they appear automatically: http://www.silvermarc.com/picwing/

Enjoy! (And let me know where to see your photos!)

September 30, 2008 @ 5:30 PM

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