Web Hosting

XYZ ServersThe text, picture and data files you see when you visit web sites are stored on computers called Host Servers. When you type a web address into your web browser, a request for the data is sent to the computer that “hosts” that web site’s files, and asks it to “serve” the data to your browser in answer to your request.

In order for your web site to be available to visitors on the Internet and email, you’ll need to have a Web Hosting Plan in place. Web Hosting is offered by many providers, sometimes at prices that are too high for the limited features they offer.

Lower Prices Make Sense. But Quality Technical Support Solves Problems!

XYZservers.com provides Web Hosting at the most competitive rates. Our servers are WordPress Optimized, hardened against Automated Login Attacks and other online maliciousness, and  our plans are jam-packed with dozens of free add-on features – Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms, Online Stores, Comprehensive Visitor Stats, Spam and Email Filters, Mailing Lists, MySQL Databases, and more. We serve as your “first line of defense and information” if something does go amiss. The built-in features of our Plans can be viewed on the Hosting Control Panel page, and a complete price chart can be viewed on the Hosting Plans & Prices page. We also maintain an online HelpDesk so your questions can be answered, and timely technical support can be provided.


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